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- Manly bingo ladies divided on Hasler reception
- Happy measure life and efforts to face life
- Eager to learn, open the success door

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 Manly bingo ladies divided on Hasler reception Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Des Hasler may Nike Air Yeezy For Sale think how the tiny aged ladies at Brookvale Oval will even now be smiling at him tomorrow night, however the opinions have been split at yesterday's bingo gaming in the Manly Leagues club.
On Tuesday Hasler was enquired concerning the reception he would obtain in the ''little aged ladies'' that as quickly as adored him at Brookvale. ''They adore me, the tiny aged ladies,'' Hasler replied. ''They ought to be OK.''
However some dyed in your wool Sea Eagles supporters experienced many different emotions about Hasler's return to Brookvale as mentor within the Bulldogs.
The murmur of bingo banter, the whirl within the barrel as properly as the predictable proclamations of ''legs 11'' established a common scene for your girls who frequently compete in your Wednesday game.
But once the ladies left the bingo hall, the mention of Hasler's Air Yeezy 2 Cheap imminent return to Brookie sparked a heated exchange.
Anastasia Harris, 64, mentioned that Hasler ''sold his spirit for the devil'' when he created his monumental cumairece 7/19 departure in the Sea Eagles right after successful the premiership in 2011.
''He was on the successful streak, he was in God's nation and everybody was happy,'' Harris said. ''He performed for Manly and created his title with Manly. But then he chucked aside his roots and deserted us.''
Lucky for Hasler, other avid supporters have been a great deal more understanding.
''You can't have identical mentor forever; somebody else is stepping up plus they might be kicking his butt anyway,'' mentioned Cheap Nike Air Yeezy 2 Rhonda Turnbull, 60. ''But he is even now gorgeous. He was loyal to Manly for any pretty lengthy time and I forgive him.''
One lifetime Manly enthusiast who isn't purchasing to the ''Hasler hype'' is Beryl Benson, 75, who was blunt. ''He's gone and that's it. I don't believe Manly required him as a good deal as they believed they did; they are even now undertaking all proper devoid of him. I don't adore him any more, I just adore this club.''
Although June McDonald, Anne Heffernan, Kerry Blakers, Jan Burke and 90-year-old be successful Roberts have been disappointed concerning the the loss within the two-time premiership winning-coach, they wished him all of the best. ''I believe he is wonderful mentor and I like him - there are no difficult feelings,'' Burke said.
Her golfing spouse in Wednesday morning's ladies competition, McDonald, agreed.
''Friday evening might be psychological for him and there might be plenty of individuals who won't like him,'' McDonald said. ''Let him realize that the tiny aged Cheap Air Yeezys ladies right here at Manly even now help him.''

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 Happy measure life and efforts to face life Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

An inspirational story, the title is: Life is so short.
One day, a travelerNike Air Yeezy For Sale along the winding road of the one leading to the woods and came to a shade to set off the cemetery, the white stone on the gravestone engraved with the names of those who rest here, and the journey of life. Very surprised travelers, the living of these sleep time is very short, the longest 11 years. Travelers realized that there must have been a disaster, therefore, shed tears of sorrow.
An old man came. The traveler asked the old man: "This is not happened disaster? Why the dead are all children?" The old man smiled: "Do not be afraid of what disaster did not happen here, this is just a very old custom."
It turned out that, when a person grow up to the age of 15, parents will give him a book, From then on, every encounter a happy thing, for example, he met his fiancee, into love, his wife was pregnant, his first The child was born, he met old friends away from home, and so on, he opened the book, on the left to record the happy reason, the cumairece 7/18 duration of joy on the right to write. Him bit by bit to record the happy hour, when he died, people would open his book, his happy time added together, calculate the sum, then, and then engraved on his tombstone .
"In our view, this time is a real life-time", the old man finally said.
To read this story, can not help but deep in thought. The original, life, should be happy to measure. Happy measure of life, even so the short-lived.
How much of happiness, determine the length of life. We want to prolong life, first of all, must learn to find happiness, understanding happiness.
Happiness, and may pass the examination, the wedding, or job promotion, investment income. Happy, probably because a friend of a greeting, a roadside Nike Air Yeezy 2  wildflowers, early morning birdsong is heard, at dusk the touch of sunset.
Of the degree of happiness may vary because of the happy source of different, happy nature will not change because of the different source of happiness. Ultimately, happiness is a feeling based on the kind of mentality, happiness is around the bits and pieces around us.
Happiness, not the past tense. The joy of the past, has become part of life, to stay in the dust. An extension of life is to continue to explore new source of happiness, feel the joy of life.
Happiness, not the future style, no one can foresee the future, either the world or of life. Can look forward to the future, pray for happiness, but no one knows what will happen in the future, future happiness, whether it will come as scheduled.
Happy, the present continuous tense, we can truly grasp, only today. Happy to spend our life will be more of a color. Happy to spend our lives right again lasted a day.
Attitude toward life determines how much of the happiness. Like different people, to see half a glass of water. Show the upper part of the cup, you can see a flaw, be able to see the cup the lower half of the people, to Air Yeezy Glow In The Dark see hope. Shortcoming, it is inevitable not happy, I hope, since happiness. Half a cup of water, has not changed, but the mood can change because of our different perspectives, mentality and completely change.
We often enlarge suffering because of desire could not be fully realized. We often lose sight of happiness, because happiness "threshold" is set too high. We often refuse to admit the plain, efforts to create some dull to just such a joy, come and gone. Normalized level when all the wind, waves normalized static legacy, although faint trace strands of memories, and more, but it is regrettable, but unfortunately, as well as blunt blunt heartache.
Life was dull, happiness, derived from ordinary life, the journey of life bit by bit.
The original short life, happiness measure, increasingly short.
We can do is try to find a better life, and feel a better life to Air Yeezy 2 Glow In The Dark bring us happiness.
Happiness is more, the longer the life.
Life is longer, the more happy.

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  Eager to learn, open the success door Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

He gives the Nike Air Yeezy most profound impression is energetic and bold. From the TV screen, or in the newspaper about his message, or the aspect of foreign, to buy one after another enterprise; either the shuttle in a variety of awards ceremony. Vitality Just like a burning flame, so that half the globe have felt his vitality.
By virtue of time in the capital market "pump wave", again surprise action, Li Dongsheng and his team in less than 10 years, to a small business development loans from the government with an annual average growth of 40% global company.
Promote the energy of the Li Dongsheng universally ride from where? Learning he sent a steady stream of fuel. More than once he talked: "The work should be as pleasant paid study. Repeated innovation success is derived from the accumulation of Air Yeezy Shoes learning: a short step, a thousand miles; small streams into a mighty torrent.
Eager to learn, open the success door
Li Dongsheng aspect of the sea 20 years, change is difficult to detect, the leap is amazing.
After graduating from high school in 1974, Li Dongsheng, decentralization of the the the Huiyang Maan farm, to become an educated youth in the mountains and the countryside. Three years of farm time, honed his patience, but also intensified his desire to learn. In the difficult years, although he reside in shabby homes, but aspiring after a meal in the work I often read books.
1977 reopening of Li Dongsheng admitted to the South China Institute of Technology (now South China University of Technology) Department of Radio directly from the farm. He very much cherish this hard-won opportunity to four years, his entire being into the study, from the dormitory to the classroom, library and cafeteria, is basically a four-point line, to attend to other
University study, Li Dongsheng has mastered a wealth of radio knowledge. China's color TV industry is still in the prehistoric cumairece 7/18 period, Science and Technology Li Dongsheng feel alone aspire to be ChenJingRun as scientists is not enough. So, after graduating from his pragmatic return home Huizhou, contact a local joint venture - TTK home appliances Co., Ltd. (ie the future development of the TCL Group companies), on a normal job. Was only 42, Li Dongsheng responsible for the repair of the equipment.
Good at reading opens the door to success is just out of Li Dongsheng. During that time, Li Dongsheng, almost every night are returned to the company, while reading the side of duty. Because of his love for learning, to build the tape to shop with workshop, shop with equipment to install a $ 500,000 task send to the Li Dongsheng. Technical staff was not installed, such as mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, hardware, chemical, Li Dongsheng is also almost completely unknown. But in the face several foreign engineers, and a group of little technical workers do not understand, Li Dongsheng did not retreat. Do not understand school! After six months of hard study, the purgatory-like work, and finally to make the equipment running smoothly.
It was with a practical, good science, Li Dongsheng, deputy director from the workshop and gradually achieve the workshop director, age 28, was appointed general manager of TCL Communication Equipment Nike Air Yeezy 2 Glow In The Dark Company, from technical positions to a managerial position to achieve his career the first time leap.
In three years, Li Dongsheng, do not give up any opportunity to learn. Introduced in Huizhou Industrial Development Corporation, responsible for foreign work, participated in the preparation of more than a dozen investment projects and preparatory work to use this opportunity to deal with Hong Kong, Japan, Europe and Taiwan, a variety of business executives, has been very good learning exercise, an increase of knowledge, learn how to manage an enterprise. This study secondary schools, once again he has created opportunities. In 1990, Li Dongsheng, ushered in a second career peak as the deputy general manager of TCL Group. Since then all the way promoted to the age of 36 in the 1993's, got into the top spot in the TCL Electronics Corporation.
As a corporate leader, Li Dongsheng demanding. He has always stressed that: "Only to maintain adequate growth, in order to lead a team to grow." Learned that Lenovo restructuring, he began to TCL's joint-stock reform; see the rise of the mobile phone market, he is enabled Wan Jianming; when he witnessed the rise of Korean companies, he has begun to seriously consider the strategy of globalization.
Joint-stock reform of the 2002 TCL Group. Acquisition of Schneider in Germany in September of this year.
2003 TCL a total profit of 1.63 billion, an increase of 8.9%; sales revenue of 39.3 billion, an increase of 24.3%; enhance the brand value of 26.712 billion.
In 2004, TCL merger and reorganization of the French Thomson Group (Thomson) TV and DVD business; integration of Alcatel worldwide mobile terminal business. This year, the global sales of TCL color TV over Samsung, ranked first in the world. To show more profound knowledge of the lasting endurance.
Western integration, out of the international road in the TV industry, the so-called giants, come in handy. Stephen Wong of the year together with Li Dongsheng poly Yiu Tong-hui Skyworth Group, Konka Group, Chen Weirong figure have been after in the heart of quiet no sound, only Li Dongsheng emerged more and more profound knowledge of the lasting endurance. Looks Li Dongsheng and there is no obvious advantage, but careful analysis, good at learning good habits makes such an outcome to become inevitable.
Li Dongsheng love of learning in the industry is notoriously, "Financial Times" interview, peaceful, he only asked to Tseng Kuo-fan and Jack. Welch, Nobuyuki Idei, in his eyes, revealing the excitement. Li Dongsheng shelves of ancient books, the Mao Zedong with the modern enterprise management books everywhere, "Zeng Letter" with Jack? Welch's neighbor standing outside said he is the fusion of Tseng and Welch.
He said: "If you want the achievements of enterprise in China, it is necessary to grasp the advanced technology and management, more importantly, you must first adapt to China's social environment." The body from the Tseng Kuo-fan, he learned how to behave, how to manage relationships. For example, within the TCL, the various forces always able to maintain a dynamic equilibrium. Many critics think this is one of the important reason for TCL to the successful completion of the reform of property rights.
Of course, for good science and innovative spirit of Li Dongsheng, Tseng Kuo-fan who learned far more than these. TCL's mobile phone sales suffered unprecedented price storm and competitiveness bottlenecks in the mobilization meeting to the executives who speak Tseng Kuo-fan's story: "Xiang year siege of the battle of Nanjing, the originally planned five forces siege, but for various reason only the last Tseng Kuo-fan a team under siege. Tseng Kuo-fan is not because the other four teams yet to come back down to twenty thousand people camp outside the city in Nanjing Yuhuatai building to withstand a siege of more than 20 million Taiping, experienced 46 days, the final captured Nanjing in many battles, Hunan are almost always less is more, why? I consider the most important are two: First, Hunan is an ideal, 'the army, Hunan Army generals are basically aspiring scholar, Zeng in the army has always stressed that culture 'bar-hard camp, killed in battle,' the style of the two armies against, first to overwhelm opponents in spirit. in today's business competition, the key moment who gets the housing, who will be able to win the final victory. Today, we are having a hard time, but also difficult for our opponents, and even more difficult than we. the time, who Tingde Zhu, who has over each other's courage, who have a greater chance of winning. we must advocate the 'bar-hard camp, killed in battle' style must not be a shred of slack in the TCL staff memories of his strong voice still clank sound.
Tseng Kuo-fan of his left hand, right hand Welch, Li Dongsheng draw of Tai Chi Chuan, the secondary body, Western learning for use. When the 1998 TCL promote the transformation and innovation, to determine the moment of entering the international road, Li Dongsheng won the Welch's management books. He strongly encouraged the core team to learn from Welch's management model, he said, "You must learn to adapt to the environment, but at the same time adapt to the environment, you have to constantly learn new things."
Li Dongsheng, who, it is easy to find Welch's shadow. They all praised the strategic nature of corporate culture; are convinced to have a solid cultural foundation, but also to positive change.
Learning a different realm, studious rather superficial understanding is a kind, eclectic, into I is also a Li Dongsheng is clearly the latter. He not only learn, absorb, and adept at innovation and creativity out of the one filled with bright "Lee"-style reform.
17 years ago, Welch sold loss-making television business of Thomson. 17 years after the successful acquisition of Thomson's TV business, Li Dongsheng Welch in Beijing to personally ask for advice "earnings Road, Welch answered:" I did not have any way to this business and earn money. This answer is clearly to Li Dongsheng, a bit disappointed at the outside world for him to squeeze the sweat. But when Li Dongsheng, together with GE's new CEO, standing on the podium of the U.S. "Time" magazine and the U.S. cable news network, we see the TTE (TCL-ThomsonElc0nIcs Co., Ltd.) had already sent out a "prescription": the use of growth strategy, synergistic effects of strategy and brand and new business development strategy for the three strategies to play the core competitiveness of the TTE.
Not yet mature businessmen in China, such as Li Dongsheng well done only a handful of integration of these two different cultures.
Li Dongsheng and a true pragmatist, in a sense, by learning and experience, rather than idealistic enthusiasm, or some kind of paranoid to operate the company. He studied, as long as there is at, whether peers or rivals, his humility to learn.
In 1996 he went to Changhong, Ni Runfeng arranged for him to see the factory, but also looked at the training school. Back to TCL, in the training of cadres will be speaking: "Changhong training school impressed me, this training center covers an area of ​​more than 30,000 square meters, and the environment is quite good and I think that the Ni Runfeng can come up with so good a resource to re-education of employees, such vision, such courage, his leader level, from that point will be able to disprove out why Changhong be able to run faster than others in the past few years the competition fast. " , TCL run from the "TCL Group Leadership Development Institute", to develop their own handsome before, and played "in the future have a future" talent slogan for TCL's rapid expansion has built a huge network of talent.
Domestic enterprises, foreign counterparts, he also carefully studied. He said: "book about the Samsung, I have to look very seriously over the past few years, Samsung Electronics is a very good performance in the industry, its sales last year rose from 105 in the Global 500 to the first 59 profit capacity in 18. Samsung in the process of growing up and constantly improve their benchmark of the seventies and eighties Sanyo nineties learn Sony, and they clearly into the top three in 50 of the world in 2010. Samsung's experience is always the benchmark set very high, and continue to find their own problems in the management. This is something we can learn and draw lessons from July 2004, Li Dongsheng will formulate new the TCL strategic development plan named: "Dragon and Tiger Plan, in this plan, each business unit to find their own benchmark.
Again and again to learn the use of innovative, Li Dongsheng solve many thorny issues. Storm from cooking the books, the restructuring and listing, to a joint venture with Thomson, restructuring the handset division of Alcatel, Li Dongsheng led TCL again and again to break out even in the downturn of the industry conditions, is still to produce beautiful respondents.
Build a learning organization, conveying the leap in energy
A good business must be a learning organization. Into the TCL headquarters of the south wall of the hall placed proud HID Li Dongsheng cited as the big screen TV, play is recommended to employees this week, reading - "execution)) - TCL efforts to become a learning organization. In TCL, Li Dongsheng advocacy work is pleasant paid to learn "throughout the organization formed a good learning atmosphere.
TCL Group Training Institute was established in 2000, compared with the other Group Training Institute run too early, but when the other Group Training Institute is also eager to step up the pace of House of Li Dongsheng has led the TCL "go out, the introduction of to ". In 2004, TCL Group signed a framework agreement of strategic knowledge alliance and cooperative relations with the Peking University Guanghua School of Management, strengthening extensive cooperation of the same at home and abroad with a university and training advisory body. At the same time "TCL executives an international training course official opening, which is listed on the face of the WTO and international road, Li Dongsheng, to act decisively in the field of knowledge the first step.
As the Group continues to grow, Li Dongsheng sensitive awareness to future change on team building higher learning Training Institute in 2005 changed its name to the "TCL Group Leadership Development Institute, asking them to assume senior management group effective training, planning, organization and implementation. Inside and outside jointly TCL culture gradually start of international operations management personnel of the Systems Engineering: develop high-level international management cadre, internationalization, reserve talents; the introduction of advanced management ideas and concepts of international enterprises, enhance the management level of the group as a whole ; shared Peking University knowledge base, and provide useful experience for the development of the Group.
Li Dongsheng subsequently set about establishing the internal lecturers system, employ 20 senior executives within the company as a college lecturer, and bear the brunt of several times in the group teaching, training for senior management. And TCL's high-level to develop the habit of giving each other the management books, he often said to them: "Health is limited to science knows no boundaries," with the knowledge long knowledge with the Te-chin ". He had this to say, is to do so. TCL implemented within the system "employee growth plans, employees' career planning, and require employees to develop the habit of lifelong learning and personal development vision and Air Yeezy 2 business development vision combine to form interdependent and jointly promote into each relationship.
Li Dongsheng, said: "the knowledge, experience and ability of the person's life are mostly built up in work and learning, as long as the commitment to establish a life-long learning, holding a modest and sincere attitude to learn and tireless spirit, good at work secondary schools, in books to school, learning to colleagues and competitors in science, we will be able to continue to improve their career achievements. "
Confused the market environment, led the people of the Group companies, Li Dongsheng, not without pressure. Asked him how to rule out the possibility that the pressure, he smiled and said: "To strive to do the work enjoyable learning process as a 'paid' only good at learning, be able to turn pressure into motivation; only good at learning, only the constant pursuit of the desire of progress, in order to assume greater responsibility, and will get more chance of success than others. "
It is this spirit of learning, Li Dongsheng, led his team to local small businesses, founded a year rely on the 5000 yuan loan into a large group of 20 years later, over 20 billion yuan in sales, and for seven consecutive years to more than 50% annual growth rate of high-speed growth.

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